Abdu Ibrahim

Welcome to my personal website!
I'm developing projects in my free time and since about a
year actively programming as well as designing with different languages, frameworks and applications.

Welcome to my site!

I'll tell you about my hobbies, about my projects and about much more on my website.
How I came to what things, since when I'm programing/designing and more.

How did I get into programming?

I use my free time for programming and developing new projects, those projects I go into more detail below on the website. Around the middle of 2020 I started to work more intensively with programming for the first time. My first programming language became Python, which I continue to work with. The reason why I started was basically the search for something new, something I am now getting into every day, something I enjoy and I can present projects developed with Python with pride.

What are your current projects?

Between the school and the projects I lead is sometimes a relatively high priority difference, because my projects, as well as my school are very important to me, some projects take longer - but are therefore better thought out and implemented with more effort. You can find my projects here.

My current projects:

Tempy Discord Bot

Founder, Development, Designing, Support

Tempy is a Discord bot for creating temporary text and voice channels. This way you have a tidy Discord server and offer your community its own small and fully customizable space. Read more...

Crowby Discord Bot

Founder, Developer, Designing

Crowby is a Discord bot that protects a Discord server from being raided, raiding includes intentionally joining with fake accounts and generally harassing a community. Read more...

The Sasaki World

Founder, Administration

Sasaki World is a Discord community, with a development team actively programming and developing Discord bots. We a small community for everyone, whether a programmer, gamer or just a friendly chatter. Read more...

How are my projects being created?

I work with the help of the following websites, open source projects and frameworks. 
The following links lead to the respective page. All mentioned sites are only some examples.


Programming language


Python Wrapper for the Discord API


Framework for website design


Live support on the websites


For programming with a team


Image Gallery


Email and calendar management

DaVinci Resolve 17

Video editing program